Starting with a girl who had a vision and passion for all things fashion has to offer. Harmani is a brand with rich experience of over 3 decades in both bridal and formal wear. Harmani, with a meaning of love, emphasized and incorporated all her desire into a brand that not only reflects her love of the art of fashion, but of her clients. Dating back in the 1980’s the founder of Raja Fashions helped Harmani’s vision come to life, as over the years as she grew up and watched her family flourish in the business. The biggest influence was her mother, Harmani watched and learned as her mother connected with her clients and brought their visions to life through designing beautiful customized outfits ranging from heavy embroidery master pieces to delicate modern, elegant outfits.



Inspired by the deep cultural aspects of the colourful and Maharajan themes South Asia offers intertwined with traditional and modern themes Harmani, was motivated to create something of her own. With the art of designing and vast background experience from a very young age her knowledge of both traditional, elegant and modern pieces has made the foundation of her new platform. Introducing her signature collections: The Platinum Collection and The Gold Collection. Each outfit portrays the ethnicity of tradition and culture in our modern world today which can be paired with Harmani’s hand-crafted accessories to bring your vision to life!



Harmani is proud to deliver a brand that will bring your vision to life, through customized outfits made with high quality fabrics and love to reach beyond your expectations.